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This website is about the game FIFA 20. The purpose of my website is to help you get better in FIFA 20 and to help you find the best players for your ultimate team according to your budget.
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First, let's start with some buttons that you might don't know about, that you should learn.


Lets start to learn how to defend.
This video will show you the basic things you need to know to defend properly and to prevent your opponent to get into a goal-scoring situation.

To continue getting better at defending we need to learn what mistakes to avoid doing while defending and what to add to your defending gameplay.


To start with the attacking tutorial lets first see the different ways of attacking in Fifa 20. This video will show you those techniques and the basic way to use them.

After you learned the basic ways to attack and learn how to use them, lets see what you can had to your attacking game to improve it. In this video you will see tricks that will help you to score more goals and defeat your opponent.

By now you have propably understood that one of the most importent things you need to master to be a great attacking player is dribbling. So in this video you will see tricks that will help you master your dribbling skils and become a dribbler.

Now let's go over the wing play.
If you don't use the wing in your attacking play, I suggest you add it sometimes.
It doesn't matter what kind of player you are, if you love wing play or hate it, you need to see this video because it will help you to improve your wing play and it will help you be more confident with wing play and to play on the wing.

After you know how to attack in Fifa 20 and to break your opponent defending let's go over the goal-scoring part.
Everyone can learn how to attack in Fifa but the part everyone needs to master, and I mean master is the finishing, the end of the movement and scoring the goal.
In this video, you will see how to shoot properly from every position and to score the goal.

This video will show you different situations on the pitch and how to react to them. This video will improve your perspective of the game and how to react and get the most out of different situations.

To improve your attacking you need to learn some skill moves.
This video will teach you 5 simple skill moves that you must learn that will get you better control on the ball.

If you want even better control on the game there are some advanced skill moves that will help you.

And there are some great skill moves combinations that will help you.

Extra guides:

Do you know how to score free kicks???
Let me start by saying that most players don't know how to take a perfect free kick but in this video you will learn how to take one and get easy goals.

If you want to learn more skill moves to had to your gameplay there are all the skill moves in Fifa 20.

Lets say you scored a goal (and if you saw the other tutorials in this page im sure you score a lot of goals) and you want to give the finishing touch to make that moment perfect, you can do a great celebration.
So there are all the celebrations in Fifa 20.